Made with EvoLove for your fur babies!
The best custom raw food formulation
for dogs and cats.

EvoLove Raw Pet Foot

EvoLove Raw is the first raw pet food that offers a complete and balanced raw diet in a form that assures each pet is getting their nutritional needs met with the highest quality, bioavailable natural ingredients. To accomplish this, we separated the macronutrients (meat, fat, bone and organ meat) from the micronutrients (the essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids).
This allows pet owners to assemble the diet in their home to make a truly species-appropriate diet with the highest possible nutrient value. Owners can now assure thet their fur kids are receiving the proper nutrient dose fot their weight and metabolic needs.

EvoLove Supplements

Our supplements were designed after taking into account human nutrient intakes in the US, which reveal common nutrient insufficiencies, upper tolerable levels of intake (established by the Institute of Medicine) and most importantly, principles of evolutionary biology and human physiological adaptation to a whole food, nutrient-dense diet.

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