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We are what we eat. A species appropriate diet is the foundation to healthy living, for pets and their parents.

EvoLove has been formulated after 20 years of feeding trials with dogs of all breeds. It stands as the pioneer in offering a customized diet where the highest quality macronutrients are combined with the essential nutrients (those nutrients the body can not produce in sufficient quantities on its own), ensuring every dog and cat receives a balanced nutrient rich species-appropriate diet.

EvoLove spells “Love” Backwards and Forwards

What sets EvoLove apart from other pet foods?

1. According to AAFCO standards, a pet food that is labeled “complete and balanced” must  add vitamins, minerals and fatty acids to the diet.  The problem with this model is that most companies add synthetic vitamins and minerals (they are cheaper but are not bioavailable and worse, can create inflammation).  Fatty acids go rancid when exposed to air (when the bag is opened), and there is no way to determine the dose the pet gets (a 5 lb chihuahua consumes a different volume than a 135 lb great dane)!

Our essential nutrients are packaged separately and dosed based on body weight and nutritional needs, and they are fresh!

2. Many raw foods are now adding vegetables to their diet. Though this sounds good to us humans, we do not know the nutrient quality of those vegetables.  And worse, consumers are paying the price of “meat” and getting a lot of vegetables.  The EvoLove diet is 100% balanced meat, fat, bone and organ meat. 

This product contains a proprietary blend of organ meat that includes kidney, liver and heart. (Heart is technically not considered an organ meat, but has tremendous nutritional value so it is included in our blend)

We do not add vegetables and other ingredients. 

You pay meat prices and get meat.

Many of the pets I test that are eating processed food diets are nutrient deficient!

Clearly the food model being followed in today’s pet food is not leading to health. And l for sure was not going to add anything synthetic to my formula! To solve the dilemma, I chose to separate the macronutrients (meat, fat, bone, and organ meat) from the micronutrients (essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids). This unique approach empowers you, the pet guardian, to assemble a species-appropriate diet at home that is not only bioavailable, it offers the highest quality fresh ingredients AND can be dosed based on your pets weight and metabolic needs. All the products are available on this site!

EvoLove raw is made from grass fed, grass finished, free range animals that are treated with care and respect. The product is processed in a USDA inspected facility and tested for pathogens such as E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. All food that is sold is clear of pathogens and is safe for pets to consume. Always use safe handling techniques when dealing with raw meat.

Pressing issues with conventional diets:

The pet food market is a multi trillion dollar industry, but not all the foods are healthy.  Processed foods are enzymatically dead, which means the enzymes that were in the meat were destroyed by high temperatures during processing.  These enzymes are critically important to help pets digest their food properly.  In addition, processed foods may contain synthetic additives, hormones, chemicals and pesticides. 

The essential nutrients are the co factors that enable the metabolic pathways to work.  The body can not produce them in sufficient quantities, we must get them from the diet. Even seemingly wholesome raw food alternatives, though well-intentioned, often miss the mark when it comes to providing the necessary balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.   

Testing, Not Guessing:

With 40 years in veterinary practice, I advocate a “testing, not guessing” approach when it comes to diagnostic testing. This methodology ensures that the underlying root causes of issues are identified and addressed, rather than just treating symptoms. All dis-ease stems from deficiencies (of essential nutrients), toxicities (overwhelming the ability of the body to remove them), and mitochondrial dysfunction.

There is a plethora of information out there, (with some being incorrect). Even with the right information, we often lack the most important part – How to implement! Start your learning journey:

EvoLove Supplements

Our supplements were designed after taking into account human nutrient intakes in the US, which reveal common nutrient insufficiencies, upper tolerable levels of intake (established by the Institute of Medicine) and most importantly, principles of evolutionary biology and human physiological adaptation to a whole food, nutrient-dense diet. Click here to learn more

Twenty + years ago, a horseback riding accident involving my youngest daughter and our horse, Lilly, led me to question the grim prognosis given by equine practitioners. Refusing to accept defeat, I delved into the emerging field of human functional medicine, adapting these principles to my patients and expanding my medical toolkit.

At the center of all the therapies was the importance of nutrition.  Today, Lilly thrives in my backyard, a living testament to the power of integrative medicine. 

Through my journey, I’ve pieced together a comprehensive understanding of pet health, recognizing that we cannot solve a puzzle with missing pieces. Click here to learn more

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