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What does “Complete And Balanced” mean?

Because today’s diets have raw ingredients that are nutrient depleted, it is required that food manufacturers supplement the diet with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. In order to make the product stable, most food manufacturers add synthetic vitamins along with fish oils.

The problem with this is that synthetic vitamins are not bioavailable to the body and in some cases may cause inflammation. The other concern is once the diet is exposed to air, when you open the bag of kibble, the fatty acids quickly oxidize and become rancid. Rancid fatty acids can be more harmful than a deficiency in fatty acids!

Essential Nutrients

An essential nutrient is a nutrient that the body must have in order to function properly, but the body is unable to manufacture it in sufficient quantities.

EvoLove Raw is the first raw pet food that offers a complete and  balanced raw diet in a form that assures each pet is getting their  nutritional needs met with the highest quality, bioavailable natural  ingredients. To accomplish this, we separated the macronutrients  (meat, fat, bone and organ meat) from the micronutrients (the  essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids).

Essential nutrients must be supplemented in the diet.

By separating the macro and micro nutrients, it allows pet owners to assemble the diet in their home to make a truly species-appropriate diet with the highest possible nutrient value. Owners can now assure that their fur kids are receiving the proper nutrient dose for their weight and metabolic needs.
A complete and balanced diet would include:
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